Keratin/micro rings microbonding

Fusion hair extensions/keratin hair extensions are one of the most popular methods of professional hair extension attachment, mostly because it’s the oldest and most traditional method of attaching hair extensions. Stylists and clients love Fusion because it’s trusted, natural, long-lasting earning the name permanent hair extensions, works even on short hair and is not damaging to hair when installed properly and removed by professionals. You’ll also hear people call this the “hot fusion” or “glue-in” method (even though our method doesn’t use glue but protein keratin). A very great choice if you wish to have a discreet type of extensions application.

Micro rings are applied using silicone encrusted rings. Our micro rings are very popular as they are non-shedding and 100% of the hair is reusable, making reapplications a more affordable option. The keratin bond is not fused with your natural hair making this type of application more appealing if you’d rather not have bonded hair extensions. However is not an option recommended for extremely short or fine hair as the ring can tend to be visible.

 Depending on hair type they both last for upto 2 months before you need a mantainance. Works on all hair types allows for versatile styling options.


Traditional Sew in weave/braidless tube weaving

A braidless sew-in is a technique that allows hair extensions to be applied to the hair without the natural hair being braided down as a base.  One  safe way to achieve a braidless sew-in is by using micro-links. 

Have you ever seen a bomb hairstyle but you knew you couldn’t get it because you didn’t have the length or volume to achieve the look?  I know I have!  A lot of times I’ll see somebody rocking a fierce bob and their hair looks so full and healthy.  But is it all theirs?  I hate to burst your bubble, but a lot of times it’s not!  The best hairstylists  are so talented that they know how to blend hair extensions so well that it would dupe even a so-called “weave expert.”One hair extensions technique that helps you achieve fullness and length is a braidless sew-in with micro links. A new technique that we use that is gaining popularity- no braiding required. Is best on hair that is too long or too short to braid or for anyone who hates the tension caused by traditional braiding.

Traditional sew in is done weave is done on braid patterns on the head.

 Depending on hair type they both last for upto 2 months before you need a mantainance. Works on all hair types, styling options maybe limited with traditional sew in.

tape in hair extensions and clip in hair extensions


If you’re going for a one-night type of hair vibe, clip-in extensions are an easy, non-adhesive option that allow you to clip them in and out of your natural hair. 

Tape in hair extensions Installation is fast with minimal tools needed, allowing for less amount of time in the chair. This cuts down the time of a glued extension installation to more than half. Tape-in extensions are about an inch wide. One very thin strip of your natural hair goes in between them. The way they are placed is like a sandwich—your own hair actually gets taped between two strips of hair extensions. You can’t do them correctly yourself. The precise amount of hair that goes in between each tape-in and how straight the section needs to be is impossible to do by yourself, especially when you’re applying them to the back of your head. Plus, the placement of the extensions plays a big role in whether or not they’re going to look natural. Disadvantage is they do not last as long as other type of hair installations.

we are a mobile salon


Do you have a busy lifestyle that makes it difficult to get to the salon? Do you work full-time and find that salons, are fully booked or closed most evenings? Perhaps, you are just too tired to get your hair done. Dawn Paradise mobile hair salon might be the answer. Believe it or not, you no longer have to travel to a hair salon to get your hair done. No more worrying about rushing to make your appointment—you can have the stylist come to you in the comfort of your own home.

Why a Mobile Hair Salon

Dawn Paradise mobile hair salon is pretty much what it sounds like. We have a stylist   travel to our customers’ location. As a customer, you don’t have to worry about any of the supplies, because our mobile hair stylist brings you the needed supplies. Above all, quality, value and convenience is what our mobile hair salon operators bring.

Consider the Services Offered

DP mobile hair salon brings a luxury hair salon experience to your doorstep—home, office  or hotel—and help you avoid spending endless hours in a salon where there might be a breakdown in service. Our mobile salon services mirror what brick and mortar salons offer including hair coloring, cuts, hair straightening/relaxing, deep conditioning, hair braiding, hair extensions and nail applications. 

Think About the Advantages

Mobile hair salons can be especially beneficial to women that are busy with jobs, families and a range of obligations. It is sometimes difficult to schedule an appointment that works for both client and stylist. DP mobile hair salon benefit our clients because we are a convenient means to schedule a hair appointment. Scheduling appointments is easy thanks to advances in social media platform communication via WhatsApp.

Mobile Hair Salon Services Are Trending

There was a time mobile salon services were thought to be the domain of elderly women, with little money and/or limited mobility. However, times have changed and with those changing times have come a younger, more professional demographic that places a premium on time and convenience. With the expansion of mobile beauty salon that offers an array of services, our clients are increasingly integrating a beauty routine into their hectic schedules. 

A technician comes to do your hair in the comfort of your own home anywhere around Gauteng. Bookings to be done in advance. You can have a full beauty package by requesting a set of manicure and/or pedicure to your booking. We work with times that best suit your schedule.

we accept online product orders & purchases too.....

We courier any products you order to anyway in South Africa. Please visit our shop page for a little bit of fun online shopping.